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108 min ago David B. Kinderdoc: fix broken link in nordic-segger board doc 49/13249/2 master
2 hours ago Mazen NEIFERxtensa port: Fixed crash on interrupt handlers when... 77/13177/4
2 hours ago Jessica Wagantalldoc: Updating installation instructions 46/13146/2
2 hours ago Anas NashifMerge "Merge net branch into master"
4 hours ago Anas Nashifcheckpatch: per coding style, we do not allow c++ style... 08/13108/2
5 hours ago Michael Scottslist/dlist: container node can't be NULL in *_PEEK_NEX... 03/13203/5
5 hours ago Jukka RissanenMerge net branch into master 65/13265/1
5 hours ago Jukka Rissanendoc: net: Fix IP stack architecture data flow pictures net
5 hours ago Michael Scottnet/mqtt: return error codes from net_context_send
5 hours ago Michael Scottnet/mqtt: cleanup TX function unref handling
5 hours ago Michael Scottnet/mqtt: use rlen to calculate # of QoS items in SUBAC...
5 hours ago Michael Scottnet/mqtt: combine mqtt_parser for PUBLISHER and SUBSCRIBER
5 hours ago Marti Bolivarnet/mqtt: fix race condition in mqtt_init()
5 hours ago Paul Sokolovskynet: shell: Make shell commands non-static to allow...
5 hours ago Paul Sokolovskysamples: net: dns_resolve: Clarify that DNS queries...
5 hours ago Ravi kumar... net: samples: Use correct API to get net pkt length
24 hours ago v1.6.1-rc Zephyr 1.6.1-rc
24 hours ago v1.7.1-rc Zephyr 1.7.1-rc
6 weeks ago zephyr-v1.7.0 Zephyr 1.7.0
6 weeks ago v1.7.0 Zephyr 1.7.0
7 weeks ago v1.7.0-rc4 Zephyr 1.7-rc4
8 weeks ago v1.7.0-rc3 Zephyr 1.7.0-rc3
2 months ago v1.7.0-rc2 Zephyr v1.7.0-rc2
2 months ago v1.7.0-rc1 Zephyr v1.7.0-rc1
2 months ago v1.7.99 Zephyr v1.7.99
3 months ago v1.6.99 xx
4 months ago zephyr-v1.6.0 Zephyr v1.6.0
4 months ago v1.6.0 Zephyr v1.6.0
4 months ago v1.6.0-rc4 Zephyr v1.6.0-rc4
4 months ago v1.6.0-rc3 Zephyr v1.6.0-rc3
5 months ago v1.6.0-rc2 Zephyr v1.6.0-rc2
5 months ago v1.6.0-rc1 Zephyr v1.6.0-rc1
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