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last changeTue, 17 Jan 2017 12:17:27 +0000 (12:17 +0000)
2 hours ago Benjamin Walshsamples/philosophers: enable demo to run in coop/preemp... 95/9995/4 master
2 hours ago Benjamin Walshkernel: fix total number of coop prios in coop-only... 94/9994/3
2 hours ago Benjamin Walshkernel/mutex: prevent priority inheritance from lowerin... 93/9993/3
2 hours ago Benjamin Walshkernel: fix main/work_q prios in coop/preempt-only... 92/9992/3
2 hours ago Benjamin Walshkernel: use PREEMPT_ENABLED instead of NUM_PREEMPT_PRIO... 91/9991/3
2 hours ago Benjamin Walshkernel: correct the highest priority in coop-only modes 90/9990/4
2 hours ago Anas Nashifztest: enable coop/preempt configurations 53/10053/2
3 hours ago Benjamin Walshtests/context: fix Coverity warning about array overrun 83/10083/3
12 hours ago Flavio Santessamples/net: Improve text indentation and clarify some... 57/10057/2
14 hours ago David B. Kinderdoc: update doc building README instructions 58/10058/6
15 hours ago Anas Nashifkernel: doc: Add deprecation notice to legacy.h 52/10052/8
15 hours ago Anas Nashifdoc: make build process quiet 67/10067/5
15 hours ago Anas Nashifdoc: add a doxygen group for the Kernel API 51/10051/6
15 hours ago Anas Nashifdoc: application porting guide to the unified kernel 00/10000/9
15 hours ago Anas Nashifboards: quark_d2000_crb: add board image to documentation 50/10050/5
15 hours ago Anas Nashifsamples: doc: remove 'make pristine', it is not needed 04/10004/9
6 weeks ago v1.6.0 Zephyr v1.6.0
6 weeks ago v1.6.0-rc4 Zephyr v1.6.0-rc4
7 weeks ago v1.6.0-rc3 Zephyr v1.6.0-rc3
8 weeks ago v1.6.0-rc2 Zephyr v1.6.0-rc2
2 months ago v1.6.0-rc1 Zephyr v1.6.0-rc1
4 months ago v1.5.0 Zephyr v1.5.0
4 months ago v1.5.0-rc4 Zephyr v1.5.0-rc4
4 months ago v1.5.0-rc3 v.1.5.0 release candidate 3
5 months ago v1.5.0-rc2 v1.5.0-rc2
5 months ago v1.5.0-rc1 v1.5.0-rc1
5 months ago v1.5.0-rc0 v1.5.0-rc0 merge window closed!
7 months ago v1.4.0 Zephyr v1.4.0
7 months ago v1.4.0-rc3 Zephyr v1.4.0-rc3
7 months ago v1.4.0-rc2 Zephyr v1.4.0-rc2
7 months ago v1.4.0-rc1 Zephyr v1.4.0-rc1
8 months ago v1.3.0 Zephyr v1.3.0
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